Say something

Taking great measures to destroy every ounce of hope taking form within me; every thought and possibility that this—that—was meant to mean something.

Because I remember what screwed things up for me in the past months; what screwed me up in the past years of my life.

Assumptions. False hopes.

They were what created bitches and assholes. They were what ruined friendships. They were everything detrimental. And if you let yourself get caught up by the pitfalls you become what you hated.

And you’ll become what I hated.

I’m not going to look deeper into these. I’m not going to think they meant anything. I’m not going to wistfully wait for the uncertain. I’m not going to hope for the unknown. I’m not going to think I’m special. I’m not going to second-guess your actions. I’m not going to analyze what you have to say.

I’m not going to remember anything.


unless you say something


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