I wish I knew better enough not to get so affected by a single, shallow action. I wished I knew better enough not to let it get to me.

It felt like he chose them over me.

And nothing hurts more than feeling your worth relegated by a friend you considered special and exceptional.

Why? Why?

After everything we’ve been through?

There’s no point trying to save this one-sided friendship. I don’t know why I’m trying anyway. Perhaps because you said we’re a lot alike. And I thought that maybe you’re pretty fucked up like me when it comes to keeping in touch.

But I was wrong. It’s been like this ever since. I’m trying, and it’s fucking useless. I can’t be the only one trying. You have to do your part too. You have to meet me halfway.

But the way I see it now, you have it all together. You don’t no longer need me.

Why did I think I could save this?

It’s over, long over, completely over ever since you guys got together. 

Right now I feel like a fucking gofer you just disposed of. 

I do hope I don’t see you around.


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