This is where it begins

There are a lot of things I want to tell myself.

A lot of things I know I should constantly remind myself of.

Things that I should continuously reiterate to knock me some sense from time to time.


Don’t wait to be happy.

Yea right, you’ve got all the time of your life to do that, so you can do it later. But the thing is, how long are you going to wait? How long do you intend to reach out to happiness? You reject happiness—people—thinking you don’t deserve it. And then you cry and wonder why. How do you expect yourself to be happy when it is you yourself who deprives you of the right to be?

Work hard. 

It always pays off to work hard. Why do you always forget that? You wanted to get rid of mediocrity yet you take so little effort in finding your ground. God won’t do everything for you—you have to initiate the move. And from there God would guide you. Take your chances and be strong. Strengthen your determination. Focus. Don’t let your emotions get in the way. You wanted change. SO BE THE CHANGE.

Break free and make it happen.

Stop overthinking and overanalyzing every stupid thing that in actuality meant so little or nothing. Don’t kill something that hasn’t even grown yet. What are you so afraid of? You’re not the only one taking risks. You’re building your own walls and you ask why. Love is a two-way process—you have to meet the person halfway. Let your fears be your motivation. Why would you reject something you barely knew? Give it a chance. If it hurts, then cool, you’re doing just fine. It’s not always smiles and butterflies. It’s inherent in the process. Besides, you’ve been through that a lot. What else to be afraid of? It’s the experience that counts. It’s the lesson. And from there you grow. And from there you become stronger and braver.

Be yourself.

That’s what you’ve been doing lately, and I can’t be prouder, self. How does it feel? Greater than you’ve ever envisioned, isn’t it? Nothing feels better than being appreciated in your transparent form. Being yourself doesn’t necessarily mean telling the world who you are—it simply means not hiding yourself. People would hate you, people would dislike you. But why do they matter? You cannot please everybody. And you’re not born to do so. You were never born to live up to other people’s expectations. As long as you’re healthy and happy, fuck what other people say. You’re good to go, buddy.

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

Stop looking at your weaknesses. Stop swimming in your idiosyncrasies. You were born with talents. You were born with the capacity to learn and develop a knack for something—YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN. You know you’ve got something in you that others don’t. You know you have something in you that can do better than this; than that. So get up and go, show them what you’ve got. And remember always: Be humble.

All it takes is a little sacrifice.

You’re doing great. You know these things. All you need is to constantly remind yourself that it’s okay, and that’s it’s going to be OKAY. Just trust Him. Always keep the faith. Let go of what pulls you down—let go of your pride. There’s time for everything, there’s no need to rush. Not everyone in their 20s has gotten it all figured out.

And above all,
Love yourself. 


This pretty sounds so sweet, and I am not a sweet person. Not even to myself (Except now, I guess?). I’d most likely cringe at these kind of stuff, but I do appreciate the intention behind it.

I am rarely optimistic. So I hope God helps me get by with this short-lived tranquility.


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