What a day (Part 2)

So technically I did not sleep. It was pointless. I got up and made myself coffee. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, checked my stuff, and changed clothes right away, I already took a bath last night anyway. All prepared, I left.

I walked my way to the shed. No jeepneys were passing by. I crossed the street and headed to the toll gate. I asked the guard if there were Ikot jeepneys passing by. He said very few go on trips during Sundays. I thanked him and decided to walk. It was early anyway, and the sun’s heat wasn’t much of a bother. My long-sleeved top was, though. While walking, an Ikot jeepney was coming my way. I thought about riding, but then I’ve already started walking so I might as well just go on. I continued to walk, and it was getting hotter. Few minutes later, I’m dripping in sweat. I’m already feeling sticky and irritated. I regretted walking. I continued though because I don’t have a choice. I admired the beauty of my university as I strolled my way to the third shed. I took back what I said, and told myself walking was worth it. I wanted to take photos, but my iTouch was almost dead. When I arrived at my destination, I found out they closed the road. Oh gods. I feel like punching myself. It was another long walk to Palma Hall. A lot of people were jogging and biking, so somehow I enjoyed walking. I was two meters away from the intersection when a Katipunan jeepney passed by. It was half empty. I hurried and waved, but it did not stop. I thought it’d stop by Vinzons hall, so I ran to the next shed. However as I ran, it drove straight ahead.

I waited at Vinzons. I was already exhausted. My armpits are sweaty. I felt sticky all over. Mosquitoes are pestering my legs, and I’m starting to get really annoyed. I stood there for about fifteen minutes, going back and forth anticipating jeepneys. Jeepneys passed, but none of them were headed to Katipunan. I decided to walk further ahead, out of the campus. But I changed my mind when my legs started hurting. That time I completely regretted not riding the Ikot jeepney that passed by earlier. I would have had arrived home earlier as I have planned, and I wouldn’t have to go through all these. But as I looked at the Acad Oval, I realized what I witnessed while walking was a lot different. The university was way, way beautiful than the sight of the oval.

I gave up and went further ahead. I headed out of the campus. God, I have been walking for almost an hour already. I think that was a total of two kilometers. Sounds exaggerated? Well UP’s pretty big. Okay, maybe one and a half. Imagine walking from Krus na Ligas to Vinzons Hall, and heck, to Tandang Sora with a heavy baggage. I waited at the right side of the road when I realized the girl beside me in the shed earlier had also decided to go out of the campus. I saw her behind me, and she crossed the road. I was wondering where she’s going, and I saw her heading for a Katipunan jeepney. Oh my god, what the hell am I doing at this side. I followed her but the jeepney was full then. I waited for another one.

Fast forward. God, I’m finally at the terminal.

As soon as I got down, I was filled with awe. The terminal looked so clear and clean and peaceful. I think the walls were newly painted. I smiled at the sight and went for the footbridge. As I walked, I saw the old blind beggar I’ve been seeing since Day 1 in UP. I felt sad. He was still there, begging on his knees. I remembered my promise to myself in sophomore year, second semester. I promised to do better in my studies, so someday when I grow up, I’d change things, and there won’t be people like him in this unfair, justice-less country. Yeah, what an ambitious dream. I reached for my purse and dropped two five peso coins. It has been long since I last gave him coins. I guess I deluded myself I’d do better for him so I won’t feel guilty passing by him in the morning. Well, I didn’t see him anymore when I moved back to a dorm.

Sadly, I failed him. Or I’m going to fail him. I don’t even like my major now. And I’m so eager to move out of this fucked up country. Ten pesos was not enough to compensate for that failure.

Sigh, I should have gave him a hundred peso bill.

Riding an Antipolo jeepney was surprisingly easy, probably because it was early. It was already around 7:30 I think. Thankfully, the trip was peaceful.

I walked my way home and I felt glad, knowing I get to see our dogs again. I sorted my stuff out and played with our dogs before taking a bath. Everyone was asleep except for my elder sister, who was playing Clash of Clans. Lol. I wrote the first part of this story before sleeping. After shutting down my laptop, I went out to get Sparkly and I let him stay on my bed. He was so hyper I didn’t get a proper sleep.

I don’t exactly know why I was excited to blog about this. Perhaps because it’s one of those days in UP, where I get upset over everything. The difference about now, I guess, was that I looked into it in a more optimistic way, and thus somehow enjoyed it. Enjoyed it not in a sense that I had fun, but in that it made me feel alive.

Yeah. It rendered me alive.



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