Cmd-Z denied

Maybe I will always wonder how easy it was for others to fake enthusiasm, to pretend they like each other, to act like they don’t have anything against the other, or anything similar to that.

I will always wonder how they sleep at night knowing they aren’t being honest to themselves.

Or maybe I’m the derogatory one, because I don’t have it in me to give them a chance. I cannot pretend to like people when I have something against them. I really can’t.

And to think pretending is my specialty, how ironic

In any case, looking at them disgusts me. It’s fake. Pictures speak a thousand words and most of them were lies. The hug, the apologies, the pictures, acts of “reconciliation”–-–those were simply act of courteousness. Just a formality. Because it’s unbecoming of a leader or a president to end a public outcry low key; there needs to be a resolution, a resolve, or an act of patching things up.

That was simply damage control.

Because the truth is, there’s no going back once trust is broken.

You already shattered it into minuscule fragments

You cannot go back

You cannot


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