I’m introverted, mercurial, random, and paradoxical; weird, unreasonable, inimical, and outspoken. Quiet, bipolar, whimsical, inconsistent.

I personally don’t think there’s a proper way to describe one’s self. It’s ridiculous and stupid. Or maybe it’s just me. It was useless because I could be anything.

This is pretty accurate nonetheless.

I dislike baloney. I prefer profound convos, unless I’m in the mood to be a moron. I’m emotional because I was born with that shitty feature. I like watching anime and movies, and I could spend an entire lifetime reading (unless it’s an academic requirement). Music was a passion I never really had the chance to immerse myself into. I like making vector graphics. I draw and sketch a lot. I love reading about history, psychology, and philosophy. I like watching and observing people. I laugh for the lamest and silliest reasons. I’m talkative and quiet. I’m easily distracted. I like garlic bread and banana cake. I eat ice cream on rainy days. Half the time I’m serious. I’m really really really really really bad at directions. I search up the weirdest questions on google after midnight. Most of the time I sound like an asshole. I don’t usually instigate conversations. I’m friendly. I’m awkward. I try not to be profane I swear to Zeus. My honesty always gets me into trouble. I easily get obsessed with material things. I am both of extremities. If I hit you we’re probably close. I really have bad mood swings. I prefer shopping alone and I do that a lot. Sometimes I think I have MPD. I overanalyze everything. And I think there’s beauty in being sad.

I can’t keep in touch and I deliberately detach myself to people when they get too close—trust me, you don’t want to do that. I hurt people I’m comfortable with.

(I hope I could fix that.)

I don’t know what I want. I have dreams—too many, in fact, that I only end up dreaming. I always do the right things at the wrong time and vice versa. I’m vague in the ultimate sense.

I’m nothing interesting. I just live an average life, somehow grateful for everything.


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